OHS hydrates Team Love Letter to Karachi!

By Clinova

Conversations 2016 – A love letter to Karachi is a 60 minute, Modern Contemporary Dance Drama and is all about living and loving in the beautiful city of Karachi.

OHS pre-hydrated the performers of this exciting play and gave them an energy boost that was palpable to the audience. It was an hour of rush and adrenaline for the spectators as the energetic, lively actors took them on a memorable ride. In the words of one of the performers in the play, Syed Amir Ali Naqvi:

“We need to perform daily and we have to give our best, OHS actually helps me fight my dehydration problem and helps me perform well.”                                                                               

The director/choreographer/actor of the play, Joshindar Chaggar, was also all praises about OHS:

With the play going on, my routine is so hectic; I don’t even get time to eat. OHS gives me the energy I need to put in my best, helps me to stay active and makes me feel amazingly fresh and hydrated!”

Hydrating this spirited, enthusiastic bunch with OHS was a pure pleasure for us as they took us on a wild, yet relatable, ride of experiences in our beloved Karachi. The level of vigor they had was a reflection of all that OHS stands for!